Oct 29 2022 13:58:07

cibernetic cinema screenwriting tools

after finishing the script for O Vazio Aqui - we're in the layout phase - I thought I'd start implementing the principles that characterize the cybernetic cinema definition. I have 8 principles for now. You have to go to my classes and workshops to find out what they are, at least until they are more scientifically sedimented.

There's one I've been exploring these past few days and that is how time is managed. For now, the definition is that time is independent of action. In eXistenZ (Cronenberg, 1999), artificial agents waited in torpor until the human agent guesses the right move. Here, the artificial agents get on with their agenda. The cybernetic engine should adapt the action to the time "wasted" by the human agent.

To test the possibilities I did an experiment with a terminal program containing an infinite loop in which I can interact with the keyboard through function commands (they work on different threads). After the time cycle was defined, I realized that each artificial agent must have an agenda and that the human agent crosses its actions with the agendas of each of the them, where predetermined actions can take place.

What I ended up doing however is creating a screenwriting methodology for cybernetic cinema that is extremely iterative and fast. I assume it shouldn't be that much different from interactive fiction authoring tools but if my experience with them is of any indication, this method is more efficient.

The film I'm writing with this screenwriting tool (for cybernetic cinema) is a mix between Se7en (Fincher, 1995) and Covert Action (Meyer,1990).


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