is the personal homepage of João Mesquita.

I have a PhD in Visual Arts - Metamedia and Design and I work at Lusíada University as Professor in Communication and Multimedia Studies and at Évora University as Invited Professor in Visual Arts and Design.

I am a Screenwriter. Some of my work ends up as graphic novels or/and animated shorts.

I started doing research in Digital Media 21 years ago. As a theoretical basis i'm interested in the links between visual arts, design and communication in digital media or put more specifically the links between media art, interface design and digital cinema. The focus of my applied research is the conceptualisation (absolute favorite) and production (least favorite) of experimental immersive and walkings sims in the context of mobile VR-AR technologies.

You can find me on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Behance, Vimeo and Pinterest.

I live in Seixal, Portugal.

I am also a Chronic Introvert (for real; the perfect stereotype, it's uncanny).