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Jul 20 2023 00:00:51

ported Pompeii (aka As Musas) to Godot 4. not painless, but not too much.


Jul 17 2023 20:31:29

unpopular opinion: i enjoyed The Flash.


May 21 2023 23:16:50

at a job fair at my university, some of my students went to ask human resources at companies that were recruiting about opportunities for creative people. the answer is that they must be excellent prompters because in the future all content would be AI generated.

(btw, some of these gentlemen are looking for programmers with 10 years experience in Swift, when Swift is only 8 years old... true story).

My students came to class and asked me about the problem that this answer creates for them who are learning to create content.

My answer was (is) twofold:

  1. I used a comparison: if they had to choose from a group of 100 people someone to work on their team, where 99 know how to use a calculator, but only 1 knows how to use the calculator and do the math by hand, which one would they choose?

  2. The old adage still applies: if the future is uncertain - and it always has been - the best choice is still to be prepared for as many scenarios as possible.