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May 04 2022 22:15:30

cibernetic cinema on Alquimia 2022

what interests me is not how new media designers can integrate narrative into the objects they produce; rather it is what filmmakers do when they're given new media as a means of expression.

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Apr 14 2022 22:19:34

on webapps

following my studies in swiftUI, i reconsidered web technologies as an infrastructure for graphical user interfaces. it is an extremely flexible infrastructure if you know what to do, i.e. if you don't use frameworks and have the knowledge to hack divs on floats or grids. in a short time i made a few experimental webapps (tasks, bibform, ganttbuster and on_untitled). they are all very different user interface-wise as they should. they have rough edges because there are no plans. i code new stuff as i need it.

i still think things like electron.js are weird - around the 2000s I worked on a project where it was a desktop app but from Flash projects, which never worked very well on client machines - but i could probably change my mind if someone builds something lighter. my webapps are running on a local server, in a browser and for now they are enough.


Jan 06 2022 21:02:53

looking into swiftui. conceptually, a mix between html and css. that’s not a terrible ideia.


Jan 06 2022 19:28:50

i made a rss reader. it works great!

Or Untitled