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NÓ GÓRDIO is the personal homepage of joão mesquita.

i have a phd in visual arts and i work at lusíada university as professor in communication and multimedia studies and évora university as invited professor in visual arts and design. i am also a writer and director.

i started working as researcher in multimedia 20 years ago. in the following years i shifted my interests from live-action cinema to 3d animation and from cd-roms to the realtime 3d environments of videogames. currently i'm doing research on new narrative forms for virtual reality content.

also, i'm very interested on the subject of non-photorealistic rendering engines for animation.

i'm on twitter, linkedin.

i live in almada, portugal.

as for site organization, the left bar is pretty straightforward. the section LAB is actually the one that is updated most often, followed by FILM.

if you are a student of mine probably what you are looking is the TEACHING section, which is the place where i put all my teaching resources.