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Jan 24 2024 22:47:32

2013 Cverde

(cape verde - 2013)


Jan 21 2024 15:34:53

2009 Costa

(costa da caparica - 2009)


Jan 19 2024 09:04:01

2022 Cabo Espichel

(cabo espichel - 2022)


Jan 18 2024 11:54:34

2017 Costa1

(costa da caparica - 2017)


Jan 17 2024 09:41:51

2017 Porto Brandao Small

(porto brandão - 2017)


Jan 16 2024 23:13:03


(beira baixa - 2007)

now that i stopped being a photography teacher - until they dragged me into it again - i can dedicate myself to photography itself, but in a slightly different way. it's been decided that i'll go back to film and print - 35mm to pick up where i left off, but what i really want to do is 8x10. only in black and white because, curiously, i see better in black and white - i think it's because i'm a nocturnal person. i see more and see better. and no it is not a new year resolution.