is the personal/professional homepage of joão mesquita (aka vanoak). hi and welcome.

i have a phd in visual arts, metamedia and design and i work at lusíada university as professor in communication and multimedia studies as well as multimedia design.

i am mostly a screenwriter. i mostly - or should I say, primarly - write graphic novels.

i started doing research in digital media 25 years ago. as a theoretical basis i am interested in the connections between visual arts, design and communication within the context of digital media - i like things in triangles - or put more clearly, everything that may concern cybernetic cinema and all that goes or can go with it.

as a professional side note i am fluently versed in computer programming. i prefer code to create images, animations and sounds. it remains my preferred interface to computers. i grew up watching demoscene computer animations. i still do. i build my own software if there is none that makes what i want. that is a small detail that freaks out most of my designer/artist colleagues. on the other side of the spectrum, because i am self-taught, my engineer colleagues shriek in horror with some of the code i write. in that sense, i see myself often as having a somewhat hybrid profile, which i am very proud of while everybody else is trying to figure out where to place me.

on a personal note i am also a chronic introvert - for real; the perfect stereotype. i don't start conversations. i end a lot of conversations. i prefer to observe instead. you know, the phrase "This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental" is actually a very elaborate... lie.

i live in seixal, portugal. i'm a husband and a father. in my house also lives a cat, a dog, a turtle and a guinea pig. sometimes they acknowledge my presence, mostly when they are hungry. except the dog. the dog always acknowledge my presence. even when i don't want to.

did i said that i am mostly a screenwriter? i am.

i also have a sense of humour - it does not show often - and i try not to take myself too seriously - i fail most of the time at that.