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Dec 28 2020 23:23:59

Dialogo from blo que on Vimeo.


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Dec 28 2020 01:18:29

updated O Vazio Aqui.

Page 1 of o Vazio Aqui


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embed test


Dec 27 2020 23:19:49

finished gemini rue yesterday. unfortunatly i don't have the option (time) of playing the game as one should (without hints). this is the review i put on steam (i think is the first one, too)

one of the most complex and interesting story games I have ever played in any game and I played a lot. it's more in the wake of gabriel knight than in the lucasarts or broken sword games. some of the puzzles suffer from interface problems (like the GK itself or the goat puzzle in BS1), in which sometimes the reasoning of a puzzle solution is correct, but the action is not the correct one: "kick" instead of " use".


Aug 18 2020 13:32:23

Epic vs. Apple. There is one aspect that always baffles me: if you do not want to follow the platform's rules, why do you invest in it? I would say it is opportunistic behavior, but experience tells me that it is normal behavior for a company. But this one is key, citing John Gruber:

The thing is, Epic isn't just a game publisher. They're a platform vendor too. One of the core things developers want from a platform vendor is stability, in every sense of the word. If I were a game developer who depends on Unreal Engine, I'd be irate at Epic. They're creating drama and eroding trust over a fight that Unreal Engine licensees aren't a part of and didn't sign up for. Fortnite users - especially kids - might blame Apple for Fortnite disappearing from iOS. But professional game developers will blame Epic if Unreal Engine updates are hindered by this.

via daring fireball

This was my first thought: good thing I don't use Unreal Engine.


Jul 13 2020 20:11:06

the next chapter. out of the oven now. (btw, written 2 years ago)

IMG 4645


Apr 24 2020 13:44:10

teaching distance classes for a month. the kids are doing alright to the point where the real problem of this generation - in my opinion - starts to be less noticeable: there is no culture of effort. all knowledge takes time to build. in this generation, all tasks must be solved immediately at first attempt and with a quality comparable to what is best done in the field regardless of its complexity. building knowledge takes time. before they didn't had the time - really? now they have some and that is a little better.


Apr 06 2020 14:31:30

some classes updates:

  • transitioning from Processing, Python, Visionaire and Unity to Godot, exclusively, in the multimedia side of things.
  • transitioning from Pure Data to Sonic Pi
  • transitioning from Blender to DaVinci Resolve, in the video editing and motion graphics side of things.
  • transitioning from Raspberry Pi to Arduino (much simpler and not needed in an education enviroment; students prefer to use their own computers.). Trying to implement OSC in Arduino. EDIT: not worth it. Used a proxy app Serial/OSC in Python.
  • still using Blender for everything else.

some research updates:

  • managed to get OSC from Godot to Sonic Pi rerouted with OSCulator. Let's find out if I can do the opposite. EDIT: yes, it can.


Feb 27 2020 23:11:28

i think i fixed the my computer.

it is a relief. it is a 6 year old computer but I do not like the idea of having to buy another one. completely different from pc time - buying another was always an excuse.

Random Shutdown on Macbook Pro Apple, Macbook Pro, random, unexpected, silent, crash, shutdown, turn off, 820-3662, 820-3787, 2013, 2014, 2015, 13",15"


Jan 19 2020 22:08:44

made me look twice #foundobject.